Now in app store, qr barcode vcard scanner.IMG_1707

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Hier de support pagina voor de iOS app AfvalKalenderBerkelland.iOS Simulator Screen Shot 31 dec. 2014 10.41.41

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Snipperen 1.3 komt er aan: Nu ook overuren boeken.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 17 nov. 2014 17.44.23

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How to configure iVPS

To configure iVPS go to your solusvm control panel. Use the url in your Address bar for the “SolusVM control panel url” field. You can leave out “https://” and trailing stuff (login.php).

for example “” becomes: “” or “”.

To get the  API Key and API Hash, click on the API tab, and enable API. The port is provider specific,  but mostly 443 or  5656.




Then fill them in, test. Don’t forget to save!

iOS-simulatorschermafbeelding 20 jul. 2014 14.59.49



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coming soon: ivps 1.4

-Server timeout set to 15 seconds.
-Description configuration screen improved.

*thx Nils for reporting bug.

how to configure: click here

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iVPS 1.1

Tell me what you think about iVPS 1.2 color scheme:

Version 1.1 is available!:

-Server status visible in tableview. 
-fixed some UI issues. 
-fixed bug when 1 of the servers did not respond.

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Sticky: iVPS 1.0

Hi, iVPS is available!. The app costs 0,89 cents, to pay my developer license and for my hard work :). With iVPS you can control your SolusVM vps(or multiple!). I used the SolusVM documented API. So should work on every SolusVM based server. If not i’m sure we can find out why!

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-17 om 23.27.06

You can add, sort, delete. And then click on the server you want info off.


Here are some screenshots of “iVPS”. You can control you vps server with this app. Its build for use with SolusVM servers.

Screenshots version 1.0

iOS-simulatorschermafbeelding 11 jan. 2014 16.49.34

iOS-simulatorschermafbeelding 11 jan. 2014 16.53.19


iOS-simulatorschermafbeelding 11 jan. 2014 16.48.37

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Sticky: About Picomatic

Welcome to the Picomatic Software website. Here you will find info and support for iOS apps.



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iUFS is not updated for iOS7, sorry. I do not own kathrein ufs910 receiver anymore.

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